Monday, March 28, 2011

The Week In Review - P90X Week 4

Week 4 marks the end of Phase 1. It was a great recovery week. I'm not sure what it was but, it was the first round of P90X where a recovery week actually felt like recovery. In the past the recovery weeks have seemed almost as tough as regular weeks and not much of a break at all.

The Core Synergistics workout was my favorite by far. I had a blast with it both days. That was new too because usually, I don't love that that routine. I was also feeling like I've made some progress with the Yoga workout. I'm not doing everything perfectly yet, but it was feeling much better. I'm almost up to doing the full minute of Crane which is kinda cool.

I stuck to the Phase 1 diet pretty closely. Another unusual thing for me is that I'm not even sick of it yet. Normally by week 4 I'm desperate to switch over to the Phase 2 nutrition plan. One reason for this is that I changed up the protein at lunch. Instead of tuna and egg whites I first did turkey burgers, then salmon burgers. A small change but, it made a difference.

I also think that my attitude is different this time around. Having the mindset that this is the beginning of working out every day for the rest of my life is giving me a different perspective. If I look at it as 90 days that I need to "get through" then it's a struggle. If it's just another day of fitness, like any other day then it's not a burden. It's like making coffee in the morning or brushing your teeth. It's just part of the routine.

This doesn't mean I want to workout everyday. Some days I don't. However, it seems a little easier to just go ahead and do it when I look at it as just another part of the day to day.

Now for the good stuff, the results. Total weight loss for Phase 1... 1 pound! So, annoying. Four weeks of hard work and clean diet and I lose a pound. Despite the other measurements not showing much better than the scale, I do feel a lot better. I lost 0.5% body fat. I also lost about half and inch in several areas. So, nothing dramatic but progress none the less. On to Phase 2!

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