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How Quickly Will You See Results With P90X?

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Usually people who do P90Xare looking for weight loss or more specifically loss of body fat although there are many other goals people might have. The bottom line is that anyone who would do P90Xis looking for results. For all the work you put into P90Xbetween the intense workouts and the nutrition plan (you are following the nutrition plan, right?) you want to start seeing those results. How quickly can you expect hard evidence of your hard work?

Unfortunately there really isn't a cut and dry, one size fits all answer. The reality is that everyone's body will respond a little differently to this or any fitness program. Some of the variance is due to metabolism, age, genetics and the like. Other factors are environmental. The biggest of those probably being related to diet.

One piece of information that helped me tremendously was learning that for a lot of people big results do not happen until Phase 3. Knowing this kept me going through the first two phases. It was especially disappointing for me when I was following the nutrition plan to a T, doing every single workout and at the end of Phase 1 I had lost only 3 pounds. Now, I know that the scale is not supposed to be the last word on fitness success but, I wanted that scale to move! I had lost some inches and that's the most important thing but, a lifetime of scale watching had it's hold on my psyche. Also, despite losing a few inches, I really didn't feel any different yet. If I hadn't read that weight loss (and other results) for a lot of people doesn't happen until Phase 3 I might have quit. So, it you're feeling discouraged by meager results early on just keep that in mind.

Weight loss that happens in the first week or two is often water and might come right back. Don't be discouraged if you have an initial drop in pounds only to find some of it coming back despite your continued efforts. At the beginning of P90Xthe body is adjusting. Once your body gets used to your new fitness lifestyle results will become more consistent.

It is typical with weight/resistance training programs not to see any significant changes in your body for 6 to 8 weeks. This means that many people will not see much in the way of results until half way into Phase 2 of P90X. When you start regular strength training the muscles are going through a process of adapting. That's why you will tend to be really sore at first but, then find that the same exercises, while still challenging, don't leave you nearly as sore by week three.

The human body in incredibly adaptable but, it takes time. It will not happen over night. Quick fixes last about as long as it took to achieve them. Have patience. Know that what you're doing is working even if you don't yet see the evidence of it. Just stick with it. Fitness is a lifetime endeavor.

One last note about results... When I finished P90XI was not quite at my weight goal. I wasn't ready to start another round of P90Xso I took what I learned from that program (as well as my knowledge as a trainer) and put together my own routine to make sure I would maintain my results until I was ready for another round. I kept my diet on track and worked out 6 days a week though at a little lower intensity than with P90X. The result was that I didn't just maintain on my after program. I continued to lose weight. While it can take some time to start seeing results, once the body is in that weight loss mode you may find that it becomes easier to keep it going.

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