Monday, April 4, 2011

The Week In Review - P90X Week 5

Week 5 was the first week in Phase 2. The ads make such a big deal about all the variety but, in truth, only two workouts change from Phase 1 to Phase 2. This said, I couldn't believe how much of a difference it made! I really never noticed before how sore I got after the new strength workouts in week 5 as compared to the week 2 and 3 workouts. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention before.

I'm feeling much stronger now. I'm also psyched to say that I did all the reps in Ab Ripper X all three times last week. Feels good to finally be back to that level. The first time I did a round of P90X... first of all I only made it to day 60 and second, I never completed all the Ab Ripper reps. So, for anyone who's really struggling with that workout, you're not alone. It doesn't matter how long it takes. Just keep trying and give it your best.

Pull-ups are another story. My number were up but, I still can't do them unassisted. I'm seriously thinking about getting a Pullup Revolution Pro. I like that it's adjustable in terms of length and amount of assist. I also like that it's let's you do pull-ups in a position and at an angle that more closely resembles how you'd do them unassisted.

I switched over to the Phase 2 diet which is my favorite of the three. Very happy to be getting more carbs. Often times when I'm not doing P90X, but still working out regularly, I'll eat a diet pretty much the same as the Phase 2 plan. The P90X nutrition guide says that once you start it, you can stay on the Phase 2 diet all the way through and not switch to the Phase 3 plan if you don't want to. Something to consider.

As for results, this week is just a weigh in. I lost two pounds. That puts me at a net loss of 3 pounds so far for the program. I expect the results to pick up from this point on, although losing 2 pounds a week is really an ideal rate for weight loss.

I've got to get away from this computer and go workout. I'm procrastinating because Chest, Shoulders and Triceps is a killer!

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