Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Tipping Point and What It Means for Your Health

This is an issue that I've seen come up a lot recently. It has to do with silent inflammation. I've noticed that it's more commonly called "chronic inflammation", but I first learned about it as silent inflammation. I also really like that the word silent communicates something very key to this condition that people seem to forget. Silent inflammation is symptomless. It is silently killing you.

Too dramatic? Not dramatic at all. It's what's happening in your body if you have it. Your lifestyle creates it. It's making you sick and you don't even know it... until you reach the tipping point.
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Here's how it goes... you're doing your thing. You're diet is not so great. You've got a few (or more than a few) extra pounds hanging around. You don't exercise or if you do it's sporadic. Life is stressful and other than a stiff drink you don't have a lot of good ways to deal with the stress. On top of all that you're not sleeping well. If all or any of this sounds familiar, then you probably have silent inflammation.

Your body must handle all this abuse, unintentional as it may be. Being the miraculous thing that it is, your body does cope. In fact it does it so well that you're hardly aware that there's any problem at all.

The truth is that your body is sustaining damage. It's doing it's best to keep it all under control, but eventually something's got to give. That's the tipping point. The point at which the abuse that's being piled on is more than the body can compensate for without showing signs and symptoms.

The reality is that by the time this happens, you've been sick for a long time already. The problem is that the body is too awesome for it's own good. You see if we instantly got feedback about all the damage we're doing (like the pain you feel when you accidentally put your hand on a hot stove) we'd do something about it a lot sooner.

Don't wait. If you have any of the things going on in your life that I mentioned earlier then you almost certainly have silent inflammation. Getting sick in a way that finally forces you to take notice and take action (though sadly that often means getting a prescription from your doctor for a pill that only treats the symptoms and not the actual problem) is only a matter of time.

Choose now. Choose to be good to your body and to yourself. Learn to love healthy foods, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. It can be done. It's not as hard as you think. And it's way better than the alternative.

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