Monday, March 7, 2011

The Week In Review - P90X Week 1

Yesterday, I finished my first week of P90X. To be honest, this is not my first, first week. I've done P90X a few times before, although I don't always make it the whole 90 days. The last time, I tried journaling the experience like I'm doing now, I didn't publish the weekly posts because I wanted to wait and make sure I made it to the end of the program first. Is that a set up for failure or what? Big surprise that I didn't finish that round. So, this time around I'm going to publish the posts as I go. They say a little accountability goes a long way.

Week 1 I chose to hold back a little bit and give myself a chance to get used to the intensity of this program. That's probably why I wasn't as insanely sore as I expected. Did I cheat myself by holding back? Maybe, but not significantly and not in relation to what I gained by making that choice. I still worked very hard. I was sore in every muscle group that got worked. I even lost two pounds. Since I didn't go overboard the first week I'm actually looking forward to week 2.

Starting back after some time off it was no surprise that my reps on all the max rep exercises like push-ups and pull-ups were at the lower end of my range. I was using lighter weights than before on several exercises. I wasn't able to do everything in the Plyo workout but, I did manage to keep up in Yoga X and Kenpo X. My flexibility has decreased a bit too. I think that was the most worrisome part. When you lose your flexibility you lose range of motion, balance and strength and you increase your risk of injury.

As for the diet... I did not start it on day one. I had food in the fridge that needed to be used up first. I still ate healthy, just not the P90X meal plan. By day 5 I was on the diet 100% with one exception. I normally have tuna and egg whites for my protein at lunch but, for some reason I just couldn't stand the thought of eating those foods. I had a coupon for turkey burgers. One burger is the right number of calories to replace the two servings of protein I was getting from the tuna and egg whites. However, the turkey burgers are high in fat. I should have found a lower fat option but, the turkey burgers appealed to me. Since the calorie count is still on track it shouldn't affect my results.

Week 2

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