Monday, February 28, 2011

Finding the "Why" As You Begin P90X (or any other fitness program)

Getting ready to begin a fitness program can be intimidating but, in a way it's the easiest part. At the beginning you're full of motivation. Kind of like when you start a new relationship. Everything is new. All your energy and attention are engaged in this new experience. You may have one or two specific goals when you start out, like getting to a certain weight or fitting into a particular size pants. If you see some early results that helps keep you going too.

Eventually, though, you'll hit a plateau, you'll get bored with your workouts or the food and your motivation will start to wane. When that happens, if you don't know the whys behind your goals, if you don't know the deeper reasons for putting in the effort, then you will probably get off track or quit all together.

Take the time now, as you're getting started, to think about what will motivate you when you don't feel like eating right and working out. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you get to the core reasons that will keep you going.

What is it about your goal that excites you? What exactly do you think you'll gain by achieving your goals? What would you appreciate about your improved health and fitness, even if no one else ever noticed? Write down your answers. Refer back to them regularly. Update them as needed. Over time your perspective will change and you may find that different things become important to you.

Try asking yourself the following questions when you find yourself debating over whether to stick to your fitness program. How will I feel when I accomplish my goals? How will I feel if I don't accomplish my goals? Answering these questions can really help you get clear in the moment and put that internal debating to rest.

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