Wednesday, July 31, 2013

6 Reasons Why You Should Try Working Out In The Morning

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The most successful, by that I mean consistent, exercisers schedule their workouts ahead of time. They know which workout their doing each day and at what time. The less thinking about is involved the more likely you'll just do it.

Choosing the best time for your workouts will largely depend on your schedule. It may depend on whether you're a morning or a night person. Maybe you're somewhere in between. That's where I am. I had read that the best time for our bodies to exercise is late afternoon. I tried for a long time to make that work and I did have some success. However, over the last several months I've come to see the benefits of working out in the morning.

Here's why you should give it a try...

  1. If you have any trouble getting yourself to workout then doing it in the morning makes it a whole lot easier. It's true what they say about getting it done before you have a chance to think about it. 
  2. It's nice to have it done. No more having your workout looming as you approach the end of a long day.
  3. A morning workout will give you more energy for the day ahead. Exercise will help you feel calmer, more focused and more energetic.
  4. It helps regulate your appetite. Trying to lose weight? Morning workouts will help set up your hormonal balance and your to keep your appetite in check and curb sugar cravings.
  5. It builds exercise into your routine. Human beings are creatures of habit and I think that's especially true in what we do first thing in the morning. If you can get a workout to be part of that morning routine then you have a better chance of it becoming a habit.
  6. You burn more calories all day long. When you exercise in the morning (especially after strength training, metabolic conditioning or HIIT) you create an after burn effect that keeps your metabolism revving higher all day long. 
I could probably come up with a few more, but hopefully you find these reasons compelling enough to give morning workouts a try. Also, keep in mind that many of the benefits of exercise happen with regular workouts, not just the occasional trip to the gym.

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