Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Checking in at the Half Way Mark - Day 45 of P90X

This round of P90X is going great. I've lost 4 pounds so far. That doesn't sound like much but, considering that I've done rounds in the past and not lost any weight at all, I'm pretty happy.

I started this round of P90X along with the Comeback Kids Challenge group. If I was sticking to the group schedule I'd be on week 8 but, I decided on a change of plans. I went away for a few days over Christmas. I was thinking that I would workout while I was on vacation (which I did) and then jump back into P90X on schedule with the group. However, I didn't like that I'd be leaving an empty column on my log sheets. Perfectionism? Perhaps. But, I didn't see any good reason to skip a week. Originally I was thinking that I wanted to stick with the group schedule because it would be a drag to see them finish when I still had a week to go. However, the group hasn't been much of a factor.

I think the Comeback Kids Challenge group was a good idea, I just don't think it was executed very well. There isn't a central place, other than the event page which kind of a pain to get to, for everyone to post and interact and check on the latest updates. I noticed that some are making their way to the event page to post. There's a group within the message boards on the Team BeachBody website but, it's not very active. I found an independent page for the challenge group but, not many people seem to have found it. You can also follow Jon Congdon's page (he's the one who started the group) but, he doesn't post that much and posts are not necessarily group related.

Fortunately, while I did think that doing P90X with a group might be fun, it wasn't a make or break factor for me getting through the program. I'm having a really good round and looking forward to seeing if I can drop a few more pounds in the second half of this thing.

The other change I made from my original plan is regarding my diet. I had originally said that I was going to follow the P90X nutrition guide. However, I ended up deciding not to do that. It's a good eating plan. I've used it several times in the past and had good results. The reason I decided not to follow it this time is that over time, the last year especially, my diet has evolved and I'm really happy with the way I've been eating. Also, I've been keeping up a pretty intense workout program between my rounds of P90X. So, I felt confident that my diet could support the intensity of the P90X workouts.

The biggest change I've made to my diet is to eliminate most processed foods. Ultimately I realized that reducing the amount of processed foods was a higher priority than trying to follow the P90X diet plan. The nutrition guide is an excellent tool if you're not sure of what to eat. However, it's not the only good option. Anyway, I know I'm doing something right because I feel great, I'm losing weight at healthy pace and I'm leaner than I've ever been in my life.

Looking forward to the next 45 days.

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