Friday, December 28, 2012

Traveling and Taking a Few Days Off From P90X

This year I have to travel for the holidays. I'll be spending a few days with relatives who've migrated to a warmer climate. Given a number of factors about the place I'll be staying and the schedule we'll be keeping, I'm fairly convinced that doing P90X workouts while I'm there will be impractical.

As tempting as it may be to use this as an excuse to take the week off from P90X, float around in the pool  all day and eat as many holiday goodies as I like I've decided to create a plan B for my fitness program.

I do plan to take travel days off from workouts but, not from good nutrition. I'll eat as clean as possible while I'm away from home. This may prove challenging since my hosts are fond of hot dogs and the whitest of white, New England style hot dog rolls, but I will do my best.

I'll do my best to get good sleep. Getting sufficient amounts of quality sleep is important to health and fitness and there are things I can do to help make that possible. This will include keeping my bedtime routines as well as bed times as close to normal as possible.

My plan for the workout aspect of P90X is to return to the program exactly where I would be if I hadn't been away. In other words if I leave on day 29 and return on day 35 then I'll start back up the day after my return with the day 36 workout.

The key to doing this is maintaining (or even improving) my fitness level while I'm away. Missing workouts on the two travel days should not make a significant impact. I mentioned that while staying with my hosts the P90X workouts will not be practical but, I have other workouts in mind that will be.

There are a lot of choices that would fit the bill but, I'm going to alternate free-weights workouts (my hosts have a pair SelectTech dumbbells) and  Zuzana Light's ZWOW workouts. You can find Zuzana on her YouTube channel. Her workouts would be classified as metabolic conditioning. They are much shorter than P90X workouts (some are just 10 minutes) which will help me fit them in around whatever itinerary my hosts may have planned and most of them can be done with little or no equipment.

If I wasn't participating in the Come Back Kids challenge group, I might come back and pick up with P90X where I left off. Normally I would want to complete all 90 days of the program. But, since there's a group on a schedule (that I'm pretty sure will not be willing to rearrange things around my trip) I'm choosing to keep in step with the group. Since my fitness won't be compromised by a few days working another program, I should be able to jump back into the P90X routine as if I'd never left.

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