Monday, March 12, 2012

Exercise Form - P90X Yoga

Actually this probably applies to all yoga but, I happened to notice it doing the P90X Yoga X program. While Tony does a great job packing a lot of important information into those videos there's always more to learn.

This cue may not be critical but, I think it's worth making the adjustment especially since it's for a move that's repeated many times in this workout. This cue is relevant to when you are in downward dog and Tony has you lift one leg as high as you can. There should be a cue to keep your hips square. The tendency without this cue is to twist through the torso and turn the hip up in order to get the leg up as high as you can. What you really want to do is get the leg up as high as you can while keeping the hips square.

I know this may make it harder to do this move. However, I find that good form usually does make exercises feel harder at first. The better your form is the more effective the exercise can be for you and the less likely you are to experience an injury.

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