Friday, March 16, 2012

Exercise Form - P90X Legs and Back - Balance Lunge

Today is Friday and when I'm doing a round of P90X (which I am) that means it's Legs and Back day.  This workout starts off with a a move that I find really challenging, the balance lunge.  This move is also known as a Bulgarian split squat.

I always wished that they would start this workout with something a little less painful. I considered doing the workout out of sequence so I could save the balance lunge until my legs were a little more warmed up. However, I learned a trick that made all the difference. I lowered the the surface on which my back foot was resting by about four inches.

Lowering that surface took the balance lunge from torture to manageable. I was surprised at how much of a difference it made. It seems easier to balance and I'm able to go deeper with the lunges. This exercise is really tough for me so I'm not even using weights. When it feels too easy the way I'm doing now it I will either raise the platform up again or add weights. Eventually the goal will be to do both.

If the balance lunge seems way too hard for you try lowering the platform your back foot is resting on or even switch it to a stationary lunge by keeping your back foot on the floor.

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