Monday, November 14, 2011

Week in Review - P90X Week 13

I seem to have skipped by a few weeks in my "Week in Review" series. What happened? I started a round of P90X in March. Somewhere around week 7 I got burned out, lost my motivation, [fill in standard excuse here], and I stopped doing the program for a while. I was still working out, some. The weather was nice. So, I went skating and walking and kayaking. Then, I'd get motivated again and I'd jump back into P90X right where I left off.

You might question whether this is an OK thing to do. However, I know the program and myself well enough to know if I'm up to the workouts. I was still feeling fit enough to make a decent go of it and so I continued on.

Then, I lost my motivation again. I took some time off and came back and jumped in again where I had left off. This cycle is how I slowly worked my way through P90X over the last several months.

I guess I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with exercise. I believe in it and often times I actually enjoy it. Other times I just can't stand even the thought of it. I haven't figured out exactly what the issue is but I keep working on it. If nothing else when it comes to fitness, you have to keep going. It would be nice if I could keep going consistently but, my inconsistent approach will have to do for now.

As for doing P90X in the start stop fashion that I did... I would not recommend this as a strategy for someone who is doing P90X for the first time especially if you're not already in pretty good shape. I would also not recommend it to anyone who is looking for dramatic results from this program. In order for that to happen your best bet is to follow it straight through and follow the nutrition plan.

Anyway, I did finally finish my round of P90X. So, what am I doing now? I started another round of course! I'm going to fore go any attempts at weekly updates. I proved that, for me at least, it was not very effective for creating adherence to the program based on accountability. It was a good experiment though.

Today begins week 2 of the current round. So far. So good.

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