Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Keep Moving" Is The Key To Cardio

I'm in the middle of a round of P90X and I wanted to comment on something that Tony (createor of P90X) says during many of the workouts. He often suggests hitting the pause button. I think this may be an OK thing to do during the strength training workouts.

Not necessarily a good strategy during your cardio workouts like Plyo. My Plyo session today was great. I was really tired by the end and of course had a good sweat going. I kept up with Tony and the kids pretty well. Though I didn't go as fast as them on everything I didn't have to march in place at any point either. Marching in place is what I do when I'm too tired to do an exercise during a cardio session. I think that pushing pause is a mistake. 

If you're really exhausted, you feel dizzy or sick, then of course, pause the workout and do what you need to do to feel better. However, if you think you can recover by simply backing off a bit, then keep moving! Maybe you reduce your speed, modify the move in some way or just march in place or pace around the room. The only thing hitting pause does is make the workout longer. As long as you're keeping your heart rate up is doesn't matter if you're following the workout exactly. You still get the benefits and before you know it you'll be keeping up with Dom.

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