Friday, April 15, 2011

Week in Review - P90X Week 6

I'm very late with this post. In fact, it's almost time for the next one! I don't know where this week went but, I suppose, better late than never.

Week 6 continues to leave me with the impression that the phase 2 strength training workouts are much harder than the phase 1 workouts. The slow-mo push-ups in Chest, Shoulders and Triceps are brutal! I'm still consistently doing all the reps in Ab Ripper X. I've even gotten to the point with it where it's still challenging but I am now strong enough that I can get through the whole thing even on my off days. It's more painful on those days but I can do it. Seeing this type of progress is great for helping to keep my motivation up.

I stuck to the phase 2 diet and was very happy to do so. I like the balance of protein, carbs and fat in this phase. The best thing is that there is plenty to eat in all phases of the P90X nutrition plan. The only time I ever get really hungry is when I've been too busy to eat. I know I need to get better about making time for that. One alteration that I do make to the diet is with the afternoon snack and the recovery drink. I will often just have one or the other depending on how hungry I feel and what my schedule is like that day. I know the recovery drink has a specific purpose but, I just don't always feel the need to have it.  Maybe I'm cheating myself of better results...

Speaking of results, they were good this week. I lost 1 pound. I admit I'd like to see more but one pound is better than nothing. This puts me at a net loss of 4 pounds. That's 4 pounds in 6 weeks. Not too bad actually. More importantly, I feel thinner and I'm starting to see some muscle definition, even in my abs! I'll do measurements at the end of phase 2 to get some concrete data and get a better idea of what's really going on.

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