Saturday, March 12, 2011

Is P90X For The 40 Something Woman?

The P90X fitness program is dubbed as a 90 day extreme home fitness program. That sounds pretty intense to a lot of people. Maybe too intense. It seems as if the biggest draw to this program is for the 20 something male but, a woman in her forties can benefit from it as well as any 20 something can.

There are several great reasons to give P90X a try even if you're feeling a little intimidated.     
  • It's a comprehensive program that covers all the important aspects of fitness, including strength, cardio, balance, flexibility and nutrition.
  • It challenges you to work at a level that triggers your body to improve at a deep cellular and hormonal level. In effect it helps slow and even reverse the ageing process.
  • It takes the guess work out of your fitness program for 90 days.
  • You will learn a ton about how to take care of your body that you can use after the program is over.
  • All the exercises are easy to modify.

A Comprehensive Program
P90X includes cardio, resistance training, flexibility and balance. The cardio routines are structured to give you interval training. This means you are doing the kind of cardio that burns the most fat and calories and improves your cardio vascular health faster. Use a heart rate monitor to keep yourself working at the proper intensity level. Resistance training won't make you bulky, but it will help to bulk up your bones. Flexibility and balance are more important now than ever to keep you injury free and prevent falls in the future.

Higher Intensity Workouts Are Beneficial
Working out at the higher intensity levels in P90X pushes your body to work hard which benefits your health in ways that low and moderate intensity exercise cannot match. The hormonal response to intense exercise causes the body to repair itself. It helps initiate the process of clearing out the old and building up the new and effectively making your body younger.

No More Guess Work
Ever walk into a gym with the intention to do a workout and find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed? You have some idea of what to do but, there are so many options and you don't want to waste your time. You want to do what gets results. P90X gets results. It simplifies the process of getting fit because to get results all you have to do is follow the program.

Long After 90 Days Is Over
Fitness is something that you need to take on as a life long pursuit. A 90 day program is only the beginning. The real value in P90X is that you will learn so many of the tools you need to continue on your fitness journey whether you ever repeat the 90 day program or not. You will learn a lot of great strength training exercises. You will understand how to push yourself to an intensity level that gets real results. You will also learn, from the nutrition plan, about eating a healthy diet. Eating right is such a critical part of health and fitness. The more you can learn the better.

Modify, modify, modify
Everything in P90X can be modified to work for you. You can modify any exercise to make it doable no matter what you're level of fitness today. Push-ups can be done with your knees down. Pull-ups can be done with a resistance band. You can keep your feet on or close to the ground in Plyometrics. Since you're working out at home, no one is there to tell you that you're not working hard enough or criticize you for what you can't do. It's all about what you can do. Follow the program as best you can but, don't be afraid to make adjustments when you need to.

The benefits of intense exercise are for everyone. As women hit their forties they may think that they're supposed to slow down in the physical arena. Maybe you're out of shape and it feels like your body wants to slow down. The truth is there is no better time to rev things up. This is the time to set the tone for your physical fitness for the future. It's about deciding what you want the next few decades to look like for you.

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