Wednesday, March 16, 2011

10 Things To Love About The Total Gym

The Total Gym is one of my favorite pieces of home fitness equipment. As a trainer I'm always happy to see them in my cleints' homes because it usually means greater follow through with their exercise programs and more fun with the the workouts. So, here's my list of 10 things to love about the Total Gym.

  1. Working out on the Total Gym is fun. It's built around a cushioned platform that glides along it's track. This creates a smooth controlled movement that allows you to do things like jumping for a plyometric type exercise without the high impact. Because you're secure on the platform there's no worry about falling and no heavy weights to worry about dropping. You can just enjoy the workout and reap the benefits.
  2. Learning to use it is easy. Changing the incline and switching between the different attachments may take a little time to get used to but, it's easy and simple to do and the more you use the Total Gym the more effortless it becomes.
  3. Incredibly versatile in the range of exercises you can do. The Total Gym lends itself to doing dozens of different exercises which will give your workouts variety, keep them interesting and help keep you motivated.
  4. Great total body workout. You can work all the major muscles groups on the Total Gym. You can strengthen everything from the large muscles of the legs and back to the smaller muscles of the shoulder and rotator cuff.
  5. Stretching on the Total Gym is part of the way the exercises work but, you can also do flexibility specific moves
  6. This is a Quality piece of equipment that will give you great workouts for years to come
  7. Once you own the Total Gym they offer a ton of Resources that help guide you to get the most out of using it. It comes with DVDs that go through several different workouts including ones for Pilates. It comes with exercise cards with exercises for all the major muscle groups and more workout programs. Finally there is an whole library of Total Gym exercises with visual cues on their website.
  8. The Total Gym is adaptable. The different incline levels will keep workouts challenging as you get stronger. Then there are all kinds of different attachments available to help you create different exercises and you can even add weights for more resistance. 
  9. Workouts on the Total Gym are efficient. The machine is light weight and can be quickly adjusted from one setting to the next as you move through the different exercises in your workout. In some cases you can move from one exercise to another without any adjustment at all. This keeps you moving, which helps burn more calories and saves you time.
  10. Convenient to workout because it's right in your home. No worries about traffic or closing times or looking presentable. Just put on whatever workout gear feels the most comfortable, walk down the hall or down the stairs, hop on the machine and you're working out! When you're done there's no locker room to deal with and no commute back home.
It may seem like a luxury to have such a great piece of workout equipment at your disposal but, working out is vital for your health. It's an investment in your well being. Having a piece of equipment that you actually like to use will keep you coming back to workout and that makes all the difference.

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