Saturday, October 9, 2010

P90X At The Gym - Can You Make It Work?

P90X is designed as a home fitness program but, what if you'd rather go to the gym? You can take at least some of your P90X programs with you to the gym and get the same great results you would at home. It just takes a little planning. There are a few things that you should keep in mind in order to make it work.

You'll want to bring along the log sheets for the strength training workouts. That way you'll know which exercises to do in what order. You also need them to record what you do just like you would at home. For the workouts that don't have a log sheet (like the abs workout), you can get the list of exercises from the Fitness Guide that comes with P90X.With the Core Synergystics workout the exercises are done for a specific amount of time, usually about a minute. So, you'll want to have some kind of timer with you. There are several timer apps out there for your smart phone. I also recommend the GYMBOSS interval timer.

If you already know proper form for the exercises then you're all set. If not, then you may want to go through the workouts a few times at home so you can watch Tony and the kids and learn Tony's cuing for the exercises. A great thing about doing these workouts at the gym is that they usually have plenty of mirrors so that you can check your form. This is actually one advantage the gym has over most people's home workout spaces.

Doing the strength workouts and Core Synergistics at the gym is pretty straight forward, but what about Yoga and the cardio workouts? I think it would be tough to do them as is. My suggestion would be to find substitutes.

A spin class could be a good alternative to Plyometrics. Spinning is an intense cardio workout that involves interval training. The big difference is you take out the high impact. A reasonable stand in for Kenpo might be a step class or Zumba. Kenpo gets your heart rate up and challenges your coordination which both of these classes will also do. You can replace Yoga X with a Yoga class. Just make sure the Yoga class is one of the more challenging types. Some type of power yoga or Bikram would be good choices.

The X Stretch program can pretty easily be done at the gym. Have a list of the stretches with you. You can improvise on some of them as long as you're stretching the intended muscles. At the gym there are lots of ways you can use the equipment to help you get a better stretch. If your gym has one of those stretch cages then definitely take advantage of that.

P90X is designed for working out at home but, don't let that stop you from taking it to the gym. With just a few adjustments and substitutions you can make it work.

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