Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fitness Equipment Review - Total Gym

As a personal trainer the ads and infomercials on TV often make me cringe. There is a sea of information and choices in the world of fitness. The exercise equipment catagory can be especially confusing. Today I'd like to talk about one of the oldest and best known pieces of home fitness equipment out there, the Total Gym®.

I admit, I was intrigued by this machine immediately. There was Christie Brinkley looking fit and gorgeous and Chuck Noris all pumped and they were both raving about how they use and love the Total Gym®..

Since seeing those early commercials, I have had the chance to use a few models of Total Gym®. myself. I have found that they are quality pieces of equipment. They are versatile. They provide a means of working muscles throughout the body. They are easy to adjust, easy to use and actually kind of fun.

Even the most excellent piece of equipment will have some drawbacks. Here are what I see as the drawbacks for the Total Gym. First of all, space. Regardless of whether you can fold it up easily to store, it takes up a fair amount of space when it is set up. It's not super wide but, it is long and you need space all around it in order to do the exercises, adjust it and switch out attachments.

That's another thing, the attachments. You can do a lot with the basic Total Gym®. They also offer starter packages that include the ab attachment, the squat platform, etc. As you get into using your Total Gym you will probably find that you really do want to get several of the attachments and this does add to the cost. It adds to the space required both for storage and for use. The attachments can be a bit awkward to switch out at first but, I think the more you do it the easier it gets.

With that said, I love this machine. You could buy this and be done at least in terms of strength training and stretching. You can get your strength, flexibility and even a little cardio training on the Total Gym®. It's a piece of equipment that is quality made. The platform and the cables glide smoothly and easily. The adjusting and switching between attachments is simple. The incline adjustment allows you to make exercises as easy or as challenging as most people would ever need to work every muscle group.

As a personal trainer it's important to me to recommend quality products that will benefit my clients. If the Total Gym sounds like something that might be right for you I suggest you take the next step. Follow the link for a great deal and take advantage of Free Shipping + 10% off (using code: 11001 at checkout) at Total Gym® today.

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