Friday, April 24, 2009


I think one of the biggest misconceptions about personal training is that the trainer will "make you thin". I wish that was true. The reality of the situation is this... a personal trainer can give a person the tools to become thin (or ripped or stronger or more flexible or fill in your fitness goal here ________) but, only the individual can create the results. Very few people can afford to have a personal trainer five to seven days a week. Very few people can afford to also have a chef cook all their meals so that they only get healthy food in the right amount.

The thing is, if the motivation is there within the person then reaching ones fitness goals is practically free. I'm not talking about motivation that lasts for a day or a week but, motivation that has a real connection for the person, that's based in something with real meaning. No trainer can give that to a person, not really. Sometimes it may seem that the trainer created the motivation for their client but, if that were true then everyone they worked with would stick to the program. Everyone they worked with would have amazing results. That trainer could package this formula for motivation and everyone could buy it and become fit. What one trainer does that clicks for a client is still very specific to that client and what is going on within that person.

Have you ever noticed that there are hundreds of workout programs and diets, thousands of trainers, thousands of gyms and classes. Most of us are searching for the answer to lasting motivation in the realm of our fitness. People are too complex for any one answer to work for all of us. We all have our unique issues around food or exercise or self esteem. So, it's challenging to get fit and stay fit and personal trainers are not miracle workers.

So, now what? Keep searching. Keep trying new things. Find what works for you. For some people working with a trainer really is the key they needed to make it all click. Other people find their key taking classes at the gym. Some people find it in a yoga class and some people like to take walks. If you want to be fit, you can be. If you feel like you can't get yourself to do it, don't give up. As long as you're on this earth you can keep trying things. As long as you're trying you're getting the benefit.

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